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Scottish Welfare Fund

Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Welfare Fund is there to help you if you are on benefits, have a low income or are having problems in paying a one-off expense. Grants do not need to be paid back to the Council, but are intended to meet one-off needs rather than on-going expenses.

There are two types of grants:

Crisis Grants - can be awarded to provide a safety net in a disaster or emergency situation where there is an immediate threat to health or safety. This means that a Crisis Grant could help you if you have an emergency such as losing all your money, or you need to visit a sick child in hospital, or you are stranded in an area. A Crisis Grant can also help if you are involved in a disaster such as a fire, flood or explosion. 

Community Care Grants - can be awarded to enable qualifying individuals to establish or maintain a settled home. Community Care Grants are also intended to help families or individuals who are facing exceptional pressure. This means that a Community Care Grant could help you if you are setting up in the community after a period of being in care, or you are at risk of going in to care because you don’t have the things you need to continue living at home. Community Care Grants can also help you get the items you need to set up home if you have been homeless, or are fleeing violence. This type of Grant can also help people to meet expenses if they are caring for people who are on temporary release from prison or a young offenders’ institution.

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