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How to generate alternative sources of income

Alternative Streams of Income

First think about whether you can take your business online? You can do this for classes ie yoga and craft/writing classes. People have lots of time and are looking for things to do. Often they will pay for this to keep routine going and make the best of their time.

How to identify extra income opportunities. If you can’t transfer your business online what could you do to earn income and stay front of mind? Could you sell your knowledge to people looking to learn a new skill? Or reassure people in their current situation? For example dog walkers must have lots of tips on handling dogs which people are really worried about right now. Can you create a video series/PDF/ebook and sell lots for a small amount.

How referral/affiliate income may work for your business – This is when either you pay people a small amount to refer others to your online business or you sign up to do the same for other people and receive a small commission. What do you use/consume online that might have an affiliate scheme? Right now it’s worth asking. What is on the essential list ie can you refer to a local takeaway that’s staying open or a particular brand of pet food? LOTS of business sites and communities have a paid element. Could you refer people to this?

How membership sites and other products could be used to help your business – Could you start a Facebook group or community of people who are looking to get your knowledge and then charge a small amount each month to make it a private membership community? For example people interested in interior design/craft or crystals and sell your knowledge?

There’s lots of temporary work out there if you need immediate cash. ALL the supermarkets are currently hiring, Brightworks/Staffline are recruiting to #feedthenation

Manpower are recruiting for call handlers.

It’s not forever, just for now.

Think, what are people buying right now? Alcohol, food and educational materials are all selling well. People are going to be bored and have time on their hands to write that book/get all the wee jobs in the house done that they haven’t had time to do/learn a new skill. What can you offer to tap in to this?

It’s also worth checking what bills you can cut back right now. Money Saving Expert have an excellent budget planner which you can use to look at bills. Remember, if you are going to move your utilities providers that you can use cashback sites such as Topcashback and Quidco to do this and make a bit extra.

Government help and guidelines are available HERE

Apply for benefits if you are out of work here Universal Credit HERE

This is a good free group HERE

Tools you can use for video conferencing – Zoom, Loom, Streamyard, Screen Cast Omatic, Google Hangouts.