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Trading Standards

Trading Standards

We aim to provide a comprehensive service to consumers on all aspects of trading standards in order to maintain and improve fair trading in East Dunbartonshire.

Advice and Assistance

We provide an independent public service for advice and assistance and will also take steps to monitor trading to prevent or control unfair or illegal practices.

We are responsible for administering legislation that governs quality, quantity, safety, price and description of goods and services.

In addition, through advice, information and education we seek to raise awareness of consumers' rights and obligations to allow people to make informed choices when buying goods or services and so ensure value for money.

The service is free and confidential and home visits can be arranged if needed.

We offer advice and assistance in the following areas:

Doorstep Callers - Top Tips

We are concerned that residents are being targeted by doorstep callers selling goods and services at over inflated prices. We offer the following advice to help you avoid being the victim of doorstep crime:

  • Never accept identification badges presented by doorstep callers as being genuine
  • Don't display a name plate on your door - who does this benefit?
  • Don't keep cash in your home
  • Never make up front payments
  • Use a door chain when answering your door and never take it off when dealing with someone that you don't know
  • Never give cold callers your bank account details or any other personal information
  • If you have concerns about anyone who calls at your door, close the door and call Trading Standards or the Police
  • Best advice is never to deal with anyone who cold calls you on your doorstep